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Eyeglass Holder Photos

How and Why
I developed this magnet glasses holder because I kept losing my reading glasses and sunglasses. My shirts don't hang on to glasses very well, and they slip off or out of my pocket, and it's only when I need them do I realize they are gone.

My Dog got in the habit of ducking when I bent down to put her leash on, since my glasses would plop on her head. I would fetch the paper, and come back in without my glasses. I would put my glasses in my pocket, and bend down to tie my shoes, and out they went.

All that does not happen any more.

See the Videos to see for yourself how strong it is.

Turn the shirt over, and you see the magnet. Not very big.
Other glasses holder sellers don't show you their magnet. We use just one magnet.


This is a different place to wear them.


We love to show that our glasses holder is pretty strong.


Here you can see a side view with the magnet and our holder.

glasses holders for men, women, doctors, nurses, and mechanics

Safety Glasses Holder

glasses holder for safety glasses

Women's Glasses Holder

Medical Glasses Holder

glasses holders for doctors

The Other Side, showing the magnet

Another way to use our Men's Glasses Holder
mens glasses holder hunting

cammo eyeglass holder accessory

Order $20 or more, and get FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.

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