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Eye Glass Holder Instructions

Slide the magnet off the holder, and place the magnet inside your shirt, and the Eye Loop on the outside in front of the magnet. It will find the magnet, and click together. Slide an arm of your glasses into the loop. Your glasses will be right there.

Just slide the magnet and holder apart, then place the magnet behind your shirt, and the holder in front of it. They find each other like long lost friends, and will attach. Hang your glasses in the loop.

See the FAQ for magnet warnings and fabric considerations.

slide magnet from eyeglass holder


magnet and eyeglass holder

We show you this on plastic so you can see.
My glasses holder works for any regular fabric layer.

put magnet inside shirt

hang your glasses on eyeglass holder loop

Order $20 or more, and get FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.

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