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Fleur Loop

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Magnetic Eyeglass Holders & More with simple clean design that is functional but also unique.
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Customer Reviews

Love It.
I never used to use my reading glasses because I could never find a good way to keep them with me when I needed them. I refused to wear the old lady glasses leashes. Finally I found your Magnetic Eyeglass Holder, and have had my glasses with me all the time. I wear it on every type of shirt I own and am thrilled I can finally read small print again. Your product is amazing and I can highly recommend it to anyone. It is everything you have said it would be and more. Keep up the good work and good luck with the patent process. God Bless!

We just wanted to let you know that the eyeglass holders worked out perfectly on our Mediterranean cruise. They worked out great when we were sightseeing in the ports. When outside wearing our sunglasses, we kept the regular glasses hanging in our loops. When we went into a church or museum, we could switch out the regular glasses with the sunglasses easily. The loops also came in handy on the ship. I don't have to wear my glasses all the time, but did want them for reading the menu in the dining room or during a show in the theatre, or switching to sunglasses when reading up on the pool deck. I didn't want to carry my glasses case around, so this was the perfect solution. Stan wore his loop quite often on the ship as well. Several people were intrigued by them, so of course we let them know where to find them. Thank you so much for helping us out with this before we left.

Thank you for this wonderful invention!!!
I bought this eyeglass holder for my husband who is an Executive Chef. He used to put his glasses in his pocket and they were constantly falling out smashing to the ground every single time he would bend over. He has found his magnetic eyeglass holder to be the best invention ever!! The wonderful design allows the glasses to move with him so he is able to move as freely as he wishes without even having to think about his glasses crashing to the floor. Before this holder arrived his glasses fell out of his pocket and went skidding across the parking lot at work and ruined the lens causing us to have to get them replaced, so when the magnetic holder arrived in the mail I was relieved to say the least. I now don't worry when I see him busy at work because I know his glasses will be safe. Thank you for this wonderful invention!!! A very satisfied customer.

We all love our eyeglass holders
I ordered your magnetic eyeglass holders for myself and some co-workers after a patient came in with one and told us about your web site. Those of us that wear glasses were always dropping or misplacing them. We all love our eyeglass holders and have had lots of questions about them from patients and friends. We would love to see some new colors, especially for us ladies. White or a neutral shade such as beige would be good possibilities. Congratulations on your great idea!

Questions & Answers

Place the magnet inside your shirt, and the Eye Loop on the outside opposite the magnet and it will find and attach. Very simple, and almost magical how well it works.

Slide the magnet off the holder to remove it. When not wearing, I find that placing it on it's side on the holder is a good way to make it easy to remove each time.

Lean forward, and your glasses swing. They don't fall out.

Invented to solve a problem - how to conveniently carry my reading glasses.

Place the magnet inside your shirt, and the holder on the outside. Hang your glasses in the loop. Simple.

Yes. On normal shirt fabrics, they will hold more than enough. Of course, if you slide a luggage strap across your glasses, it will pull things apart. Not really designed for jackets or lapels.

Pacemakers and Medical Devices
Check with your doctor or medical device manufacturer. Many consumer products now have strong magnets, including many laptops and tablets. A few inches away from sensitive devices is recommended, but check anyway.

Warning about Children
Do not let children play with it or eat it. If a child eats it, an emergency room visit may be needed.

Warnings About Glasses Holder
During vigorous activity, glasses may fall out.

Slide magnet off. It's hard to pull off directly.

Clothing may scratch some glasses.

Do not wash your glasses holder in the washing machine.

See the FAQ for more information.

We ship by first class mail for just $3 , and send tracking if you provide an email address. Order $20 or more, and get free shipping anywhere in the United States. Most orders go out same day or next business day.

International shipping is expensive. You can contact us for international orders.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you lose your magnet, when you order a new glasses holder, put a note about the lost magnet, and we will include an extra for you.

Your glasses are not bolted to your chest - if you push them up from below, you can push them out of the loop.

Luggage straps might drag your glasses off your shirt, glasses holder and all. Just be aware, and it won't happen.

We cannot be responsible for your glasses or badge.

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