Magnetic Eyeglass Holders For Men & Women.
Inventor, Don Rathbun
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Magnetic Eyeglass Holders

Holds Your Eye Glasses On Your Shirt.

One Magnet. Unlimited Designs. Only $3 shipping for your entire order.

Magnetic Eyeglass Holders for Men and Women

Stainless Steel Loop For Glasses

model: steel-2

Eyeglass Holder

Price: $12.00


Original Magnetic Eyeglass Holder in Zinc with Black Cord

Zinc Eye Loop
model: zinc-black

The Original

Price: $12.00


See All Of Them

Granny chains begone!

Stainless Steel Magnetic Eyeglass Holder with Shark Wire

model: Steel-1

Eyeglass Holder

Price: $18.00


Black Magnetic Eye Glass Holder with Black Cord

Black Eye Loop
model: Black-Black

Magnetic Eyeglass Holder

Price: $12.00


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Story of Eyeglass Holder Invention

The Story
I had a problem - I kept losing my reading glasses. I would go out to get the paper, and by the time I poured my coffee and settled in to read ... my darn glasses are missing. Again. My smarter half asked me "Why don't you wear the shirts I buy for you?" I told her "I don't have a place for my glasses".

A Spark
I started experimenting with magnets and nuts and wire and finally came up with an idea that worked really well. I wrote a patent application, and was granted a patent on my idea.

Next Steps
The styles we have right now are just the beginning. Because my magnet will hold most any shape, and because we only need one magnet, ideas keep coming in on magnetic eyeglass holder designs. If you have an idea, email it to me, and if you have a store you'd like to suggest carry it, send me their contact info, and I'll follow up.
   Black Eye Loop Magnetic Eyeglass Holder
   Steel-Two Magnetic Eyeglass Holder
   Zinc Eye Loop Magnetic Eyeglass Holder
   Steel-One Magnetic Eyeglass Holder

eye glass holder for men

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