Magnetic Eyeglass Holders For Men & Women.
Inventor, Don Rathbun

Magnetic Eyeglass Holders

Hang Your Glasses On Your Shirt

  Your glasses are easy to reach, and don't fall off.
  Reach down, and your glasses swing on the loop.
  Smallest lightest magnetic glasses holders.
  A great gift idea for men or women.

Our Magnetic Glasses Holder
We offer the smallest most compact glasses holders on the market. First designed for men, we now have some ladies models available.

Try them out, and be confident that if you don't wish to keep it, we offer a no questions asked money back guarantee. People order them over and over again as gifts.

eyeglass holder inventor with new puppy
Welcoming a new member of the family.

Special Magnet For Our Eyeglass Holders
Our patented & unique neo magnet holds tight to our holders, and supports your glasses right on your shirt. Our magnet is top quality, and is coated with a durable nickel plating that keeps it from oxidizing. Some people are sensitive to nickel, and if so, you can coat the magnet with nail polish. If you know you are allergic to nickel (jean buttons drive you insane), then you must coat your magnet or wrap it in tape.

Eyeglass Holder Design
The design of unique and interesting glasses holders has been a long process. Prototyping, manufacturing, trying it out on friends and family, then seeing if the magnetic eyeglass pin will sell online or in stores. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Our glasses pin has come a long way, and is pretty neat.

Stainless Steel Magnetic Eyeglass Holder with Shark Wire

model: Steel-1

Eyeglass Holder


Original Magnetic Eyeglass Holder in Zinc with Black Cord

Zinc Eye Loop
model: zinc-black

The Original
Zinc & Black


Ladies Magnetic Eyeglass Pin

New Ladies Eye Loop
model: new-loop-plain

For Women
Magnetic Simplicity


Magnetic Eyeglass Holders For Men & Women

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