Magnetic Eyeglass Holders For Men & Women.
Inventor, Don Rathbun

Magnetic Eyeglass Holders. Less but better.

Hang Your Glasses On Your Shirt

School starts up soon. Need a place for your badge? Our new line of magnetic badge holders are a game changer.

eyeglass holder inventor with new puppy
Magnetic Eyeglass Holder Inventor, and new family member.

• Your glasses are easy to reach, and don't fall off.
• Reach down, and your glasses swing on the loop.
• Smallest lightest magnetic glasses holders.
• A great gift idea for men or women.

About Magnetic Glasses Holder
We offer the smallest most compact glasses holders on the market. First designed for men, we now have some ladies models available.

Try them out, and be confident that if you don't wish to keep it, we offer a no questions asked money back guarantee. People order them over and over again as gifts.

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Order glasses holders online with our easy secure order form. We don't make you create an account and we don't require an email address or phone number, though they can be helpful if there is an address problem. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, as well as PayPal. We can take your order over the phone too.

About our Magnetic Eyeglass Holders
Designed to solve my own problem - where to put my reading glasses. There are lanyards, and pins, and glasses cases, but I wanted something simple and have this glasses holder now.

It's very compact, with just a magnet inside your shirt, and our self-centering holder on the outside. It's plenty strong, and so strong, we don't recommend it for delicate fabrics.

There are other versions of glasses holders. On Ebay, QVC, including most famously the Readerest from Shark Tank success, but many people like our glasses holder. It's smaller and more compact. Has an engineering design sort of feel to it. Most other glasses holders have at least a couple of magnets, and are more involved.

If you have any questions about our glasses holders, please get in touch. Happy to answer any questions. Leave a voice msg please. We get lots of robot calls, and sometimes don't pick up, but will call right back if we can.

Stainless Steel Magnetic Eyeglass Holder with Shark Wire

model: Steel-1

Eyeglass Holder


Original Magnetic Eyeglass Holder in Zinc with Black Cord

Zinc Eye Loop
model: zinc-black

The Original
Zinc & Black


Ladies Magnetic Eyeglass Pin

New Ladies Eye Loop
model: new-loop-plain

For Women
Magnetic Simplicity
Low Supplies


Womens Magnetic Eyeglass Holder Pin in Silver Tone

Janes Loop
model: janes-loop

Jane's Eye Loop
In silver tone.


Puppy Badge Holder

Puppy Badge Holder
model: badge-puppy

Your Badge on Your Shirt
Magnetic Badge Holder


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